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A possible MagPi Ada series?

On the 10/07/12 I emailed the editor at MagPi magazine to ask him if he would be interested in a new Ada series to introduce Ada to new Raspberry Pi owners, he seemed up for it, so I decided to give writing the first article. It took a few weeks to knock out and learn Scribus at the same time.



Ada Bare bones port

I have spent today taking my code from previous hello world kernel attempts and updating them as a port of the Bare bones tutorial.


Developing a content management system Part 2

System structure

In this part I shall look at the overall system structure of the CMS and what each part is supposed to do.


Developing a content management system Part 1


This site is currently implemented using MODX, and not very well on my end as I wanted something fast.


First simple app for ARM

After managing to update the build scripts for TAMP's compilers, I have managed to build and run a very simple application on an STM32F4DISCOVERY board in Ada.


Bare metal ARM GNAT compiler built

After a multitude of different builds and a few modifications to the GNAT runtime, I have finally managed to build GCC-4.6.1 C and GNAT compilers for bare metal.

The build utilises Newlib as the libc interface that GNAT's RTS builds upon, I've disabled sockets, files and a few other things


TAMP: Some success

After spending about 2 weeks basically compiling compilers pretty much constantly, I've managed to build gnat for arm-none-eabi with tools and without the runtime system, which is the most important part.

This isn't supported by AdaCore in the FSF release so I've had to hack into the makefi


Tamp started

I have been working on getting the basic toolchain created ready for the development of TAMP.


37 reasons to choose Ada over C

I was pointed at a link which goes through a number of reasons to choose Ada over C.

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The status of wxAda

After a long break from wxAda, I'm getting back into looking at it. I've decided to start again and generate the bindings automatically using the 2.9.x interface files. Binding is a difficult proces and this could take some time to acheive.

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